HRA streaming not working since last update

HRA streaming is not working anymore since the latest update.
Albums are empty.
I use the Mac version. HRA app is working.

Works again today.
That bug reminds me on all the HRA bugs in version 3.5.

Still lots of request errors.
App crashes on an iPad Pro often
Plus, plus, plus
I am not willing to morph into a beta tester.

Hello @Gustav1,

Can you give us more information about the issue you have? Are you using the Remote on your iPad in landscape mode?

I use the IPad Pro in landscape mode. The App crashes quite often. If I want to switch from HRA to Qobuz usually the app crashes.
Quite often I get the error: request error when trying to start an album… I usually check with the HRA native program if there is a problem with HRA. I found I always could play them in the original HRA program. IF I get the music to start sometimes it works fine, but also sometimes it stutters.
Right now there is no fun involved using Audirvana studio for HRA streaming.

Can you try to use the Remote in portrait mode ? We are still working on the landscape mode of the Remote and it’s possible that the issue you have is linked to it.

Ok, I will do that.

Used in portrait mode I had no crash, no request error, no problems at all.
I would have never detected this problem solver because I never used my Ipad in portrait mode.
Thank you, Damien.

PS.: I am still suspicious, but ATM all ok.

Turning my IPad Pro into landscape mode brought stability to HRA streaming…
No more crashes, stuttering or request errors.