I am new...Help

Hello all, sorry if my question (and basic understanding) is unworthy…I am old and this is so far out of my depth of understanding…but I am trying…lol.

I have a 2012 Mac Mini running Audirvana feeding to a new Audiolab MDac Plus. When I went into the control panel to change settings in Sysoptomizer I get the following error message:

SysOptomizer Error

There was an error executing SysOptomizer. Not all optimizations may be done.
Error = The operation couldn’t be completed.
(OSStatus error 22.)

Can anyone explain this to me and suggest a fix - in very basic language - assume I am barely literate…


Then you’re better off leaving it as it is. It’s unlikely you would get any appreciable benefit anyway.

To fix it you need to run some terminal commands.

Thanks Bitracer - I am new for sure but I do have friends at the local Mac store that could probably help me with this - is there a specific set of commands to run?


Check out this thread:

Hello @Sandals,

I think you should talk about this error to your friends because this is a common error on MacOs El Capitan (https://discussions.apple.com/thread/7554509)

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