I can’t get DSD to work on my Direct Stream DAC via Audirvana 3.2

I have a direct stream and am trying to send DSD to it via Audirvana 3.2. When I select auto detect DSD, the DSD grays out as an option to send to the DS. If I select send packed as USB 1.0 or USB 1.1 you get the option, but it doesn’t work - instead the DAC says PCM 176 and nothing comes out except at 100% volume - and then its soft and very distorted.

Any ideas?


Well I got the following reply from Tex Smith the designer of the DS. If there is any processing of the data (Volume not at unity, Replay gain, EQ, sample rate conversion, etc.) then the DoP signal is corrupted and the flags that say it’s DSD are corrupted so the DS can’t tell that it’s DoP. This is not related to anything in the DS (i.e. any release works the same for detecting DoP) It has to be processing upstream. But someone posted: I use the previous version Audirvana 3.0 on my Mac, and works great with my DS. But have not tried 3.2. You may need to go into the preferences menu and adjust some things. It shows as DoP on the DS panel. This may be an issue with 3.2 not setting flags properly or something

“Tex” is actually named Ted Smith.