I cannot connect iPad Pro to 2011 Mac PowerBook running Catalina

I am on a 30 day trial and would like to use the Remote aspects of the Program. I am using a local library only for now. I have it running on a Mac PowerBook, 2011 with 16 Gb of ram and an external SSD for the music. I can get the program on the Mac to run fine but I cannot get the ipad to connect or find the computer. I do not have a firewall installed, both the ipad and the MB are on the same network, I have rebooted the nighthawk router 3 times and iTunes is not running. Please let me know what to try. thanks

I assume you mean 2011 Macbook Pro as they stopped making Powerbooks in 2006 (I still have an old 17" Powerbook in a drawer somewhere). If it is a 2011 Macbook Pro then macOS Catalina was not officially supported on a 2011 machine (Apple Catalina compatibility lists Macbook Pros from mid 2012 as the earliest supported). This may be the cause of your issue. Unfortunately I don’t have a 2011 MBP so maybe someone who has can confirm if they were successful getting the system to work.

I was able to find a patch method to get the Mac Book Pro 2011 to successfully run…. I was able for a short while have the remote working and then it wouldn’t connect any more…now having reinstalled the program on both the pro and the ipad it still is not seeing the computer from the ipad.

What has changed in the intervening period? Did you update iPadOS in that time. If so most likely the cause of your issue.

I cannot remember if it updated but I believe so… any suggestion as to going backwards with the updated to the iPad?

Go to a reputable site such as Toms Guide and use their instructions to downgrade. Just Google downgrading iPadOS

Proceed with caution as it would not be the first time someone has bricked their iPad doing this.

Thanks so much for the warning. I have been looking at trying to downgrade and it looks dangerous. I will probably give it a try anyway but I’ll first do a complete back up and if I have to I can reinstall everything.