I cannot see my TIDAL playlist in Audirvana


I have a couple of playlists which I created from TIDAL but I cannot see all of them in Audirvana Studio. My Audirvana was installed in PC with Windows 10

Hello @PapaJoe ,

After creating those playlists in Tidal, have you restarted Audirvāna Studio?

Yes I restarted my Audirvana Studio, I even tried to disconnect my TIDAL and login again but it does not help. I even re-installed my Audirvana Studio and re-login my TIDAL account but no luck.

I saw it… its in MY MUSIC-> My Playlist

Thanks for immediate reply!

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Is it possible to change the view? It shows the albums of each track in my playlist please see the screen capture

Can’t you click the 4 horizontal lines to tracks view, top middle left of your pict?

I tried but the icons become smaller. What I want is to show the list of all the songs in my playlist without the album cover

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