I can't activate Audirvana 3.5 on another computer

I can’t activate Audirvana 3.5 on another computer. On the iMac, activation is successful, but on a Windows computer, I can’t activate it. What could be the problem?

Is your 3.5 license cross platform?

Where or how can I find out?

Find the mail when you bought it.

I had to buy seperate licenses back in the day. One for Mac and one for Windows.

If you can’t find your mail you can also send an e-mail to support@audirvana.com. They can exactly tell you what kind of license you have bought:
a) Windows only
b) Mac only
c) for both platforms.

I know I have paid around EUR 75,- for my Windows only license. Some time later a license for both platforms was offered for around EUR 99,-. If you can remember what you paid you also can figure out what kind of license you have.

If you have a license for one platform only you are out of luck, since Audirvana 3.5 licenses (including upgrades to another platform) are not sold anymore.

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Hello @Antoine, I overlooked deactivating license for Audirvana 3.5 when re-installing computer and now can’t activate as too many installs. Can you please reset my licenses. Thank you.

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