I can't find my Tidal favorite albums & tracks in Audirvana

I have more than 400 albums “favorited” in Tidal. I can see them easily in the Tidal app but they don’t show up in Audirvana — or maybe I just don’t know where to look. When, in Audirvana, I click on “FAVORITES” in the left hand column, all I get is a single song from my disk-based library. Nothing from Tidal shows up under favorites. I have no trouble seeing/playing my playlists, but favorited Tidal tracks and albums are MIA in the Audirvana interface. Am I missing something? Thanks!

Hello @Fifinder, All of your Tidal favorites are stored in the My Music section under Tidal in Audirvana :slight_smile:

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Found it! You da man!

Merci beaucoup,


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