I can't start a my.audirvana page

maybe my.audirvana has a server problem or some internet connection issue.
Now I can’t switch audirvana studio to my second PC
This is a problem of new activation method.

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I confirm, my.audirvana seems not to work , actually.

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The page is now working. I believe it was down so they could upgrade the contents, as now the “Subscription” section allows you to choose your country and you will get the subscription options (annual and monthly) as seen below:

I assume that the information “Exclusive streaming service advantages” seen on the annual package is the one which gives the subscriber the 3 months trials with Tidal and Qobuz ?

Still can’t access for me.

For me too, access is still impossible from AS.

Pour moi aussi, l’accès est toujouts impossible depuis AS.

Still down here in U.S. Probably due to updates as someone posted. When they’re done should reappear. Since some have seen it now, we should later today or maybe this weekend.

My page doesn’t work with Safari on Big Sur 11.4 but works with Firefox on Big Sur 11.4

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I can confirm it. Switch to Firefox helped or the reset of the cache/cookie.

Same for me. Worked in Firefox on Big Sur 11.4 but not Chrome. Was able to subscribe.