I didn't receive the licence key

Hello I bought today access to the Audirvana and I have the same problem…

How long should I wait for licence key?

The commonest reason for this (other than the mail getting diverted into the user’s spam folder) is the user accidentally mistyping their e-mail address.
This is not the end of the world, of course, and Damien will sort things out for you.

I’d give it 24 hours - it’s the weekend so at least until Monday lunchtime in France (where Audirvana is based).

Thanks for Your help! :slight_smile:
So I will wait for Damien.
I hope he saw my message :slight_smile:

Hello @Filip,

Do you have an idea when you purchased (date and hour) you purchased Audirvana?

Hi Damien,

This is information from my Paypal account:
2021-01-31 18:11:10 GMT+01:00

I found you, it was a typo mistake with your mail address, you should receive in few minutes two mails with your license key and the order reference :wink:

I got it! :slight_smile:


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