I like Audirvāna and voted with my wallet

I’ve seen much negativity here and fair enough, we all are entitled to our opinions.

I just wanted to say something positive as I decided to pay for a years subscription yesterday.
I have tried Roon and did not like the look of it and the intrusive (for me) recommendation algorithms they do (I am a dj and like to find my own music and dont need recommendations instead I read blogs, news sites and music publications etc.)

So I decided to give Audirvana a go and was pleasantly surprised with this new Studio release.
I like the looks of it and functionality of it, I am a Qobuz subscriber and the integration is very good indeed.
What I especially like about AS is the subdued vibe the player gives upon opening and did I mention I really like the looks of AS and the sound is excellent also ofc.
So thank you for the service and I hope to see improvements and good vibes in the future.