I Love Audirvana Origin

Just wanted to say that as soon as I completed the free trial, I went online & purchased a license for Audirvana Origin. I’ve been through a lot of music player apps, and this is the best. Thanks!


Good vibes thanks ^^

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I fully agree with you. Audirvana Origin adds an exquisite musical experience to all of my music in any form or shape. Even old MP3 128 files sound a lot better than within reason anticipated.

I experience a renewed love of my very broad and extensive music collection. In the time I enjoy listening alone or with family and friends it amazes me how Audirvana (Origin) extends my/our listening time and let me/us feel the love, creativity and musicality within the music produced.

I am very grateful and thankful for the vision and persistence of the Audirvana Team. Thank you for your love and dedication to make this kind of soulful music reproduction at all possible.

Now back to the music!


Yes, having tried 3.5 and Studio (and deciding for various reasons not to continue), I am also very happy that I gave Audirvana one last try and bought the Origin license. The sound, to my ears, is second to none (based only on my personal experience). I don’t have any need for streaming. I don’t use it for cataloguing (downloading/ripping/archiving) my collection since I have another program which tops the list in that regard. I simply open both programs, and if I want to make changes (even to the rating or some other metadata), I do it in JRMC. These changes immediately show up in AO (OK, if I make a change to the track currently playing, AO waits for the track to finish…no problem with that). One thing to note, I have spent hours simply twiddling with other music players to get them to sound the way I want (and some of these players offer a dizzying array of options/tweaks). AO runs great ‘out of the box’. OK, I did engage some upsampling plus R8brain, but just gonna leave it that. Nice work, guys!


Hi @Dradder,

Thanks for your kind words. We try our best to give you the best quality possible when you listen to your music :notes: