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I’ve hit another really bad period with Audirvana Studio concerning software stability. I don’t remember all the details but I’ve encountered a situation beyond the usual aggravation of usong Audirvana. I bought a new computer hoping more power would help matters. Been syruggling to get things to work because of the usual gremlins but now to make matters even worse the software requires a new login every time the program crashes or otherwise is behaving unruly. I’ve asked in the past if Audirvana would at least retain the user name field contents so when trouble persists its at least somewhat easier to regain system composure. Why all the repeated logins is my questions? And what can I do to get a stable setup once again? The login problem just started with the new computer installation.

Windows 11 OS

Try logging out after opening it before it crash in the account tab of Studio.

Close Studio, it will close alone i think. Just for gremlins :grinning:, restart your pc…

reopen Studio enter log/pass for the last time (fingers crossed) :grinning:

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Tried 'em all.

Missed some nuance in your post. Haven’t tried 'em all.

You don’t need more powerful PC to run Audirvana better, you need a Mac.



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I’ve considered that but haven’t found the PC form factor that I prefer. i like the touchscreen laptop PC’s that bend backwards into what I call a tent.

Those you won’t find with Apple. I’m happily using 2 MacBooks here. Before buying my 2nd MacBook I’ve used a Lenovo laptop running Windows 10 first, then 11 later.

With neither of my 2 Mac’s or the Lenovo did I run into your described issues. Only when Studio first launched over a year ago did I have big issues. But the last several months it has been smooth sailing here.

But I agree with @bitracer . The Audirvana team has years more worth of experience with macOS compared to Windows. Windows support has been something of the past few years, macOS has been there all the time.

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Ive always had extreme difficulty getting my cell phone to act as remote. I started having good success using a decommissioned cell phone for remote duty. Wasn’t flawless but acceptable enough. Now with the new computer I’m back to square one hell.

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