I switch back to 3.5

today i have installed the new update to Audirvana Studio. Result is, i can’t login anymore. I should contact support. Also i am sick that the analyze process of the new added flac files needs ages to complete, even if i switched off the musicbrainz switch. The sound of Audirvana Studio is much better then the old 3.5 version, but i will switch back to 3.5 today. It was running without any complications and no issues. It was perfect to me. I paid subscription to Audirvana Studio for a full year, i guess there will be no refund. So the money is lost.

I am not satisfied with AS cause of the slow performance, bad stability and all the issues and trouble with license / subscription checks etc. Login / Logout this and that computer and change back, it is a pain to use.

Also i dont understand the playlist system, probably i am to stupid for it. Wish there would be a plex connectivity cause plex can handle such things like a charm. But plex cant play highres and MQA.

So the last chance for me is to switch back to 3.5, i like to listen music without any complications and issues. It is my free time and i am hard working guy. I dont want to handle with those things in my freetime, sorry and apologize for this harsh critics. But enough is enough to me.

I am not happy with AS and thats my personal opinion, apologize for it.


Hello @HagbardCeline, what do you mean by that? You get an error when you open Audirvāna Studio?

Those two things should have been really improved with the latest version of Audirvāna Studio 1.11. How many album/tracks do you have synced with Audirvāna Studio and where they are located?

What do you mean by that? You have the same thing like 3.5, you can create manual, smartplaylist and playlist folders they are just in a specific window to manage them.

Hi Antoine,
yes i got an error message that my password is not correct. My password was correct, i have used it to login to web interface too and canceled my account and subscription now. So the password was working fine.
I rebooted my M1 Macbook and after reboot, AS did not start anymore, just asking for password and account. So i tried to login over the webpage and it told me i should ask support.
I went to my other Mac and it could login fine with the same password. I could cancel my account and subscription and log out. It says i could use Audirvana Studio to 18.12.2022 but i will not do and try anymore. I lost so many time of life to configure AS and all the issues and reinstalling etc. so i give up now.

How should i check and use, if i can’t login anymore or AS does not start.
I have about 3485 Albums in 44khz/16bit and around 200 in MQA or HighRes they are stored at my Synology DS918+ with 16Gig of RAM and Gigabit connection. With 3.5 it always worked fine.

The System with creating rules is to complicated for me. It is not user friendly. I dont understand it, i am an electronic engineer and i don’t understand the handling, so it seems to be complicated.
Yes it is true 3.5 has the same system, i also never understood it there. To me it would be easier if there are simple sort buttons menus like Plex is using. A button for latest Additions, For Sorting to HighRes and MQA etc. - Playlists could be handled like TIDAL or Plex is doing. Create a Name of the Playlist and add songs. Done. No Rules to define or anything else.

Now i have erased Audirvana Studio from my Computers and wiped it from SSD. I lost so much of my lifetime to reinstall and create the database again and again, watching to not moving analyze bars, so i am frustrated now.

At the moment i try to install 3.5 again and hope everything will be fine again in the next hours. I just want to listen to my music and not do a permanent beta test. I am just regreting my full year subscription cause i lost the money now and i bought two licences of 3.5 before. One for me and one for my wife.

Thanks a lot for patience and apologize for my critics, but honest words needs to be spoken out, else i cant sleep anymore :slight_smile:
Please understand that i just like to listen my music without any issues and complications like “logins / Passwords” etc. switch account here and there and other things. Also if i add the 30 new FLAC Albums it needs 5 hours to analyze even without opting out the Musicbrainz Analysis. That takes to long time and it is a total showstopper to me. The Analyze bar is not moving over hours.

So i will switch this issues to solved now, i will not go back to AS anymore. Everything is canceled and i will not continue the subscription. I also got my lesson, i will never subscribe anything for a year and pay for it. I would buy a lifetime license if it is working one day, but never ever a subscription. As customer all the money is lost, if the software does not work. And it does not work fine at my M1 Mac.

This should not happens at all since you said you use the correct password on a different computer. It’s possible there might be something that did not work properly during the login registration in the keychain app of MacOS and we should have been able to help you about it if you asked us.

Which is the case, you have 32 different sorting possible in Audirvāna Studio.

What I don’t understand is why you care so much about this bar, you can play your tracks while the analysis is done so even if it takes time, what’s the problem? You don’t have a big popup window preventing you to use the software when the analysis is done.

Hi @HagbardCeline

Do any of your 30 new FLAC albums contain unusual characters in their filename?
I ask as I also had problems with analysation, which after a lot of investigation I determined to be caused by the character % in one of the filenames, causing the file analysation to stop at that particular file.

Hi @Ironz
nope, there where tagged with usual characters in the filenames. And the included cover size was 600x600 / 300dpi
So nothing special or unusual used.

Maybe it is an option to not show the analysis bar at all on the main screen, but only the syncing process? Why not show the (MusicBrainz) analysis only in the settings near the library?

I see a lot of questions on this forum about the analysis bar and that it takes long to process, people worrying about it etc. In R**n the analysing stage can also take days or even weeks, but no one is complaining there because they only show it in the settings\library. I think this has the psychologic advantage that the user does not notice it.
Also this analysing thread should be on a very low priority thread in the OS (if it isn’t already), because performance impact should be minimal.


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