I think I'm done

Studio sounds very different to 3.5, Roon and other apps.

My Studio trial has ended and after altering many of my files’ metadata without asking, I have hours if not days ahead trying to fix this.

Quite why music analysis is/was on by default is crazy is you use Audirvana over wi-fi and music is on NAS as it simply kills wi-fi performance. End of trial, library still not analysed.

Why on earth have I had to log in so many times during the trial with no easy method to remember credentials? Such a faff/hassle.

How many times has Studio crashed? Dozens.

Went back to 3.5, continually cuts out playing Qobuz tracks, these issues were never fixed. Qobuz app/Roon never have these issues.

I appreciate at its best the platform can sound excellent but it was released too soon and the user experience is simply not there to warrant subscribing currently.

Sorry Audirvana team I’m being constructively honest here. Users should not have to request ‘demo extensions’ for a beta product.