I wish to play Qobuz imports on Audirvana

I owned Audirvana and used it for some years. Then I switched to using a Roon nucleus and Roon, having been persuaded that my Mini wasn’t up to supporting my system. Recently I downloaded a trial of Audirvana Studio to use with my laptop and headphones. I like it fine, but I would still, as always, like to be able to play Qobuz imports. This is because the sound quality on streaming here, over satellite internet, is not good enough. I am not going to substitute an import for a purchase–if I like the album enough I will buy it. Qobuz imports are impossible to sort and I like a tidy library. Is it possible PLEASE to add this feature? I would be using it for a purpose identical to streaming. Yes, I can use Qobuz to play instead, but Audirvana sounds better and I simply would like to use just one platform. I have enough trouble.

I can see that there is an earlier post and discussion about this, but I am not satisfied with it just being impossible.

Qobuz imports for offline playback are only available in the Qobuz app. If you want to have Qobuz albums in your Audirvana library on your disk you need to purchase the album and download.

This is a restriction imposed by Qobuz (and I might add Tidal) for licencing /anti piracy reasons. If you want to get this changed you should contact Qobuz but I doubt they would ever agree to do so.