Ibasso dx220 usb dac mode


I recently acquired an ibasso dx220 because I learned that this is a full MQA decoder. Unfortunately, playing thru audirvana through any of the following: Not MQA, MQA renderer and MQA decoder doesn’t seem to do the full unfold.

Not MQA and MQA renderer seems to be doing until second unfold (max of 96khz). MQA decoder doesn’t seem to be doing the second unfold (remains at 44khz).

When I play through usb audio player pro as upnp render via audirvana, it seems to do the final unfold. Tested it with 2L recordings and it does up to 352.8khz.

What’s the right way of setting it if anyone has experience?

Thank you.

That might be normal. Are you on a Mac? What do the light on the device tell you?

I’m on windows 10 ver 2004. Its a dap so no light indication or anything, but the system tray app of the dap indicates 44/48/88khz only

Check if the DAP can do MQA at all via USB. Maybe it’s only from internal apps.

confirmed this with ibasso support. Sad that I can only enjoy first unfold thru audirvana while on USB dac mode. For anyone interested with the dap, it does up to second unfold for the mango player via android and tidal, but not in UAPP.