Ican't see my Tidal Playlists on audirvana Studio

Hello all
I’m new to audirvana.
I installed the App on my Mackbook Pro and configured Tidal as my streaming app on nirvana.
I’m confused as i can’t retrieve or see my own playlists that a created on Tidal. All my pusic is there, so please help to solve this issue, because it’s the only reason why i’m purchasing audirvana, i have no offline music.

Hi @Kamal_Bentoufa,

You have two ways to get your Tidal playlists:

  1. is by going on the My Playlists panel:

  1. by using the playlists editor:

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Thank you so much. It works
I continue my exploration and tests :wink: :slight_smile: :pray: :pray: :pray:

Best regards,

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