id3 tags on multiple disk sets

Hi - I would like to have my multiple disk albums (mainly classical) stored as one album.

Which id3 fields does Audirvana use to either group or separate the disks? This is not completely clear to me, I cannot seem to group certain sets together.

Also, any suggestions for the most convenient id3 tagger (OSX) would be most welcome!

Thanks a lot.

I use METADATICS for tagging ( - you can have multiple albums fall under one album cover by setting Disc Number __of ___ and checking compilation. I tagged several hundred albums …its a bit manual but it works.

Another ID3 Tag Utility for OS X is Yate I’ve been using it for years and have yet to find any tagging situation that Yate couldn’t handle. It’s $20.00 but IMHO, worth it. As already stated by yetti66, make sure that the metadata doesn’t specify the CDs are separate i.e. (Disc 1 or CD 1 or whatever naming convention that would dictate separate CDs), also make sure the numbering is consecutive for all files on all the Discs. You don’t want CD 1- track 1 thru track X , CD 2 - track 1 thru track X. The concepts would apply, regardless of what tagger, you eventually decide to use.

Best Tool dbpoweramp