Ideas for improvement Audirvana

After using Audirvana for 6 month now. I come across small issues in the interface.
for me particularly in correcting ID tags for songs and albums. I rip vinyl and have to manual input all the info. This could be simplified by connecting to a good database for albums. perhaps a field where you can fill in the accurate Discogs release code. ( Looks like [r12221210] )

State your ideas here for any improvements for Audirvana.

Je ne suis pas favorable à ce qu’Audirvana soit affublé de fonctions qui incombent au rip ou à l’acteur si c’est un vynilrip. L’ouvertUre du logiciel sur W10 a donné naissance, c’est mon avis, à un produit délicat à mettre au point.

(J’ai longtemps travaillé dans l’aéronautique… rajouter des fonctions à une plateforme nécessitant de casser l’architecture n’a jamais été simple à définir et mettre au point…)

Un basique de la version Mac depuis très longtemps, la lecture de fichiers sacd iso, est « difficile « sur la version W10.

Pour moi Audirvana doit rester un lecteur performant et uniquement cela . Il ne doit pas servir à faire le café et la vaisselle.

Mais ce n’est que mon avis.

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@guynogues For sure it should be a Music Player FIRST, It’s just a pain in the **s correcting and adding all the track data. CD rips get most info trough Itunes. But Vinyl is all manual input.
This could also be implemented into my recording software. But as Audirvana is my main player and database to my music, it would be a handy tool for correcting already added music. Might be something for Audirvana 4.

Tout à fait d’accord. Ce n’est pas la peine de ftransformer Audirvana en usine à gaz !

I strongly disagree. Audirvana is a player, It should never touch the audio files, they are to be considered absolutely read-only.

Refreshing metadata for a selected item (album, track, whatever) from embedded tags could be made easier, though.

@jannek Not talking about automatic adjusting all the ID tags metadata of the entire music folders. Just manual where I decide where and what info is trusted. Now I use the Discogs data. en search for the release I have in hand. This is 99.9% of the time correct. I would like an easy input of this data into the album/release I want to edit. manualy selecting every track to change style, genre, year of release and composers etc. takes so much time. I tried META and a few other programs. but they won’t work well on obscure & strange language albums.

No, I’m sorry, I really do mean I think this is a bad idea, full stop. Data integrity is far more important than convenience.

If embedded metadata editing was to be implemented, there must to be a way to disable the feature - and it should be disabled by default.

There are lots of good metadata editors out there, I have no problem starting one up if I need to edit something, even while playing.

Why would this be a bad idea? please explain? I agree on the fact that it should be disabled by default. and that the source should be manual selected. But otherwise I see no problem. If the data is chosen by yourself than that is the best for you. Aint it? Audirvana is for me more than just a player. I use it as personal collection database. If I only want a music player, than VLC was sufficient enough. I like to link artist and musicians, get them grouped when they played in multiple bands. so far Audirvana is perfect to do this. But the manual work is buggin’ me alot. Still have to do ±75% of my collection.

Name one good Metadata editor that works spotless. Prefered for Mac. Ill check it out. Most I have used could not find or add accurate data to the albums I have.

I agree : Audirvana don’t have to manage such features as it does not RIP anything and there is plenty of programs wthat will be always be more complete than Audirvan for this kind of stuff.
And I agree too that the tag modifier is not ergonomic at all (Win)

Try YATE from !!
The best Tagger I ever used. Excellent support included. Free 14 days trial.

Thanks for this. looks promising, Ill look into it.

Hopefully that’ll work out for you. I only rip CD’s and do that on Windows… There I use EZ CD Audio Converter from Poikosoft (it’s excellent and development is active) and foobar2000 to fix and/or mass-modify tags/files later.

As for why I think this feature shouldn’t be implemented at all in Audirvana:

  • I like the unix philosophy. One tool does one thing well.
  • Code which writes to files can corrupt those files when things go wrong.
  • It would be a big job to do well and a very bad idea to do badly; relating to…
  • Development resources seem very limited, they should be focused on bugfixes and the music playing experience.

You will LOVE Yate, it can be as easy as you like it, or as customized and automated as you’d like to go down that rabbit hole. The developer is amazing and can really help if you run into roadblocks.

I also prefer that Audirvana focus on being a player and making search, updates to metadata that are relevant during play (like heart/star, playlist mgmt) better and cleaner. If anything, maybe work with Yate’s developer to make integration more prevalent for Mac.

i suggest to implement “radio” feature as in roon. Also would be nice to have tunein, spotify and amazon music included.

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i use files on NAS, i sorted and named folders as i want. it would be useful to hace a folder view in audirvana, i don’t use the tags.


Ditto for a windows explorer view of the files in the library. I made this suggestion in the Interface Issue thread (I think).


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Can you please add option radio when choosing song or/and album/artist same as in tidal app?
Thank you in advance.

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Hello @Puska, we will need to take a look at it as we depends on the Tidal API and they maybe introduce this option without telling us.

I’m also a big fan of Yate. I’m new to Audirvana, though, and I’m still figuring out metadata translations from one to the other, especially when adjusting one OR the other. I wouldn’t mind if the two worked together as long as there was 100% consistency in the results. I’m not seeing that yet but I’m still new with plenty to figure out. Integration with Yate would be great.

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