iFi GO Bar


(Windows only) best option to play to the device : Kernel Streaming
DSD Over PCM setting : DoP 1.0
MQA capability : Decoder

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Can’t decode DSD 256 while follow the setting.

DSD over PCM standard has been developed to send raw DSD in a fake PCM stream.
To identify it as such, there are 8 bit markers in it.
And the presence of these markers doubles the need of bandwidth, thus explaining why only half of the max DSD rate is available.

So I cant play DSD 256 by the software w/ Go Bar?

If you are using WASAPI or Kernel Streaming, it’s not possible. You will need to use the ASIO driver to do this :wink:

Ok thanks! I do play DSD 256 on ASIO, just confuse why Kernel cant. Thank you :slight_smile:

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