IFI Hip-DAC Audirvana Studio

Hello, i’m trying the latest version of audirvana studio (Current Version: 1.2.0 (10020), i have a IFI Hip-Dac (wich is an MQA Renderer) and a Tidal Hi-Fi account, and i have found some issues which a will listed below:

1-Audirvana not detect IFI Hip-Dac as an MQA Dac
2-I Have selected as MQA Renderer
3-I Have Play Supertramp MQA Album Crime of the Century (24/192 kHz)
4-Audirvana studio show on the output that is reproducing at 24/48 kHz)
5-the magenta light does not turn on in IFI Hip-Dac (which is the color that indicates when the dac receives an MQA signal)

I dont know if i’m making something wrong on audirvana studio, but when the same album it is reproducing on Tidal native windows application, the light turn on in magenta on the dac.

Can you point me in the right direction?

Thank You
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I have an iFi ZEN DAC V2 (upgraded version MQA full decoder) and Audirvana Studio apparently doesn’t detect my DAC capabilities correctly or is giving some strange information.
When i am playing any song of Pink Floyd album “Delicate Sound of Thunder (2019 remix) [live]” which is a MQA Studio 24bit 96kHz file on Tidal, but is being played (or at least reported by the DAC) at 24bit 48kHz.

Curiously when i was on Audirvana 3.5 trial a few weeks ago, the same DAC was detected as an MQA Decoder and displayed the correct 24bit 96kHz values.

I have sent an email about this on May 19th to the Audirvana support email. I am still waiting for any kind of answer…

Playing the same Supertramp album from Tidal i get the same thing as you…

Curiously this morning i received a promotional email from iFi Audio and on one of the articles, they talk about the launch of Audirvana Studio. The following message is taken from the article link on their site:
“Here at iFi, we’ve recently renewed our partnership with Audirvāna. We will be working alongside Audirvāna to ensure selected iFi products are optimised to work with the eagerly anticipated new platform.” ( Audirvāna Studio x iFi audio | iFi audio (ifi-audio.com))

Seems that there is a lot of work still to be done by both sides for Audirvana Studio to work well with iFi Audio DAC’s…

I have my Zen Dac lighting up purple. I set it to be an MQA renderer and that seems to do the trick!


Playing the Supertramp album from the above reference, with the DAC set as MQA Renderer, does light up purple led on the DAC, but it is played at 24/96 and not as 24/192

The Pink Floyd album referenced above however does play at the same rate with the purple led on:


I have been reading some more into this issue. In my case, my iFi ZEN DAC is version 2 which is a full MQA decoder. So according to the manual of the device and also some information i read on iFi site and other forum where a iFi representative is participating, the correct led for full decoding MQA Studio files is dark blue. That means i only see the file being played at 24bit 48kHz if i set the DAC to Decoder mode.
If i set the DAC as a Renderer, i do get the purple led to light on, meaning in my case, that the first unfolding is beeig done by Audirvana Studio and the second unfolding is done my the DAC.

So i just have to wait for someone from Audirvana support to give me some feedback concerning this issue with MQA Decoder mode on my DAC.

Hi Cybertrancer, after a read your comment, i have try again after restarted the windows 10 system, and now the same album is displayed at 24/96 kHz, and the DAC light up in magenta. But i Believe that the album have to be displayed as 24/192, i’m not shure. But at least now my DAC light up in magenta.

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