Ifi Neo stream dsd not working correctly

When I start up the stream in Studio I get the message that the Stream is approved and working with Studio

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Easier said then done, but I’ll give it a go

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Let’s back up a bit, how is your playback 16/44.1 thru 24/192 ? Everything ok until you go to native dsd ?

Can you playback a long 20 min 24/192 track solidly? Repeatable?

Theoretically, if the direct Ethernet connection is functioning properly, all supported sample-rates should play as expected… If not, there is not much else to distill… short of how it performs with a local USB connection.

This theory/comment shows that you have never actually tested for yourself. Audirvāna can pull off UPNP much more successfully at lower resolution and shorter tracks. This is what I have found in my personal experience using several different models of computers, playback equipment and Ethernet and WiFi connections. My personal recent favorite album to give Audirvana playback fits is Pink Floyd, Animals 24/192 via Qobuz. It rarely gets thru Dogs without screwing up.

Zen Stream

What equipment is giving you successful results using network playback via UPNP/dlna ? I may need to purchase such a device for testing.

Yes we know, a short usb cable is the best way. With Audirvana it definitely is.

Without the baseline reference of a direct Ethernet connection behavior… all bets are off… and all assessments are guesses for the most part… all network configurations are not the same…

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I personally run a cable from the router to an unmanaged switch and then have everything meet there. That being said I would think if you have computer and Neo both to the router ( if I’m understanding correctly) should be fine.

Yes, without any problem. Apart from the occasional hiccup also upsampling to dsd128 is working for a full day.

However, you have problems with UPnP in that configuration… have you ever determined the behavior of your DAC(s) by making a direct Ethernet connection to the device from the computer?

Yes, exactly, that is what I have done to diminish possible interactions.

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I just tried but then the Neo goes wild: it starts up repeatedly. The mini is making a self established in address, but apparently the Neo cannot handle this.

As you can see Studio is reading the file

That is strange behavior… because a switch establishes a fundamental MAC ID handshake as should the Stream

Pretty much exactly mirrors my experience with my 2018 mini i7 :joy: My fan would get busy starting with dsd128 and get flying attempts at dsd256. Unfortunately testing with my M1 MacBook Pro has been no better in any practical sense.
Still waiting for someone to chime in who has had great success with Audirvāna and network dsd playback………all I hear are those damn crickets.

You got my PM ?

It’s an interesting behavior…

I also asked IFI support for a solution not knowing if the problem is with Studio or the Neo, but other then to reset and even reapply firmware I did not get a clue.

I’m not to surprised, the finger pointing back and forth game……uggh

Try that other option sounds like a good idea, worth a trial at least :+1:t2:

More fun, wrong artwork, wrong track listing. Eventually it caught up after playing “ Orange Colored Sky “ twice. Yep fun game :person_facepalming:

Of course this device is not certified by Audirvāna

Maybe @Antoine has an idea how to get dsd on upnp working for higher DSD rates?? I hoped someone got it working already…

Although my Stream is according to Audirvāna, at least that is what it says when I start Studio up!!
What I also do not understand is that with my Zodiac via usb Audirvana downsamples everything to 24-192 as is the maximum with that device. With the Stream there is total silence though above dsd128.

What System Mode do you have selected? The video tutorial for the NEO Stream shows Ethernet being set for AIO

Could be the NEO Stream is broken…
From the Stereophile review:

iFi Audio NEO Stream streaming D/A processor

Sasha Matson | Aug 8, 2023

“Then the Tech Gremlins got to work on the NEO Stream. Nothing worked as it was supposed to. I got my computer helper Paul to stop by, and after wrestling with it, he confirmed what the Poet said: “Everything is broken.” I capitulated and requested a new NEO Stream. Make sure you register your product warranties…”

My best friend and audiophile has several IFi-Audio devices and they all are not working… they just died… It’s weird…
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