iFi, Schiit, or Cambridge Audio USB dacs

Currently using the iFi Zen dac with my iMac and Studio. Also have a Schiit Modi 3 currently idle. Have looked at some of the Cambridge Audio dacs like their 100 model. Then they have a 200M which is slightly above my current monetary limit. Studio seems to work well with either of the two I have and currently output to a Sciit Loki equalizer then to some Peachtree Audio M25 powered speakers. Also have considered some Vanatoos but M25s working fine.

Have run the Cambridge DAC Magic (modified by Mapleshade). It died and was replaced by a Schiit Modi and it far exceeded the Cambridge in sound quality.

Running the Gungnir currently. I really love the Schiit products–so much so, I replaced my entire rig with Schiit…all based on the satisfaction from the Modi.

Good info. I like them too and will look again at their other dacs. My Modi 3 died in its first year and it took them several weeks to have me ship it back, look it over, finally they replaced the circuit board. I switched to the IFI during that time and kept the repaired Modi 3. Other than dying and several weeks to ship, diagnose, replace, and return they are great.

If you’re looking for something special in this price range, look at the Schiit multibit DACs.

Yup. Just received Bifrost 2 recently and it’s outstanding,

Yeah, I can’t wait to get mine either. At the moment, they have components supply issues and shipments have been delayed. Apparently their proprietary Unison USB is better than electrical SPDIF…

The DacMagic 100 is rather old , I had mine before my current 7 year old M-DAC

The M-DAC+ gets rave reviews (probably my next buy when the old one fails) and I love my old M-DAC , i use it mainly as a headphone amp

Actually, can I ask you: did the bifrost come with a USB a to b cable in the box? Thank you!

It did not. Schiit will sell you a nice one though for like $20.

Thanks Padraic. I should have ordered one, pity… I bought one locally, and paid too much for it obviously…

Finally 'received my Bifrost 2 and I really enjoy it. What a solid piece of hardware!
In my very little experience it seems that Unison USB is better off with no oversampling… I was listening to Barber’s String adagio and the sound seemed a wee bit muddled when just running a Sox 2X oversampling. But maybe i need to tweak the sox filter settings? or try the rBrain? All in all it seems that Bifrost/Unison is VERY sensitive to any oversampling tweak…
Also interestingly, I need software volume control on or I get playback error and the music does not start…

So I confirm, when using Studio over-sampling thru to a Schiit Bifrost 2 via its USB unison port, sound is noisier. Problem solved when option turned off in Studio. A figment of my imagination?
Running on windows 10 Kernel mode.

No, multibit DACs generally work better without upsampling. That’s the reason why you bought it.

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Yeah, the device itself will handle the oversampling. Don’t have AS do it.

Thanks guys. Sorry for late reply. You are right. I experienced it in a very audible manner. Otherwise, I bought a Ragnarok2. What a beast! Happy listening.