iFi Zen Stream Missing?

Should the zen stream be listed @Antoine ?

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Hi @OffRode,

We are currently working with iFi to tackle an issue with the device to be PWA certified. I talked about it with them at Munich and I hope it will be good soon.


Good deal, they have Audirvana on their literature already and mine works well currently.
Great job guys, thanks to the team :+1:t2:

I have Audirvana V 2.3.2 and it is currently recognising my iFi Zen Stream via UPnP as an iFi Neo Stream streaming device. It works but…there are certain obvious differences between the two streamers, for sure, but does it make any real difference for streaming purposes on my LAN. I suppose it does allow me to adjust the (Zen Stream & Zen DAC V1 attached) settings manually but when will Audirvana recognise my streamer correctly with its recommended settings as an iFi Zen Stream with latest firmware version 2.31.7.

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This is my Audirvana 3.5 listing Zen Stream
I bought Zen Stream few weeks ago and this was listed like this from day first on Windows 11 PC
It is working like a dream!

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Hi @stupendousredman,
It’s possible due to the UPnP naming they have done on their devices. Until the Zen stream is not added, it will be recognized as Neo Stream. and you won’t have the possibility to select the Zen stream.

I have the same issue, but it works fine nonetheless.

I have same issued when after update to origin 2.3.4. It seems work every thing fine but software volume control is disable. It is no longer possible to make it function as previous version. The DAC is Audioquest Dragonfly Red which plug in the USB port behind IFI ZEN streamer directly.