Implement Balance Control?

On the ‘Now Playing’ screen, would it be possible to implement balance control in addition to volume?

I would appreciate that feature also!

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I remember a thread here some months ago where someone wanted a balance control.
A VST-3 plug-in was mentioned that was able to do it.
Not quite as easy or elegant as what you’re asking for, but it would be a functional workaround for you.

I don’t remember which plug-in it was but you could do a search and look back over the last six months threads in the plug-ins category.

Thanks, Sionyn – would that work for the remote app? The reason I’d like balance control is I’m experimenting with a dual-mono pre-amp (humour me). Volume can be controlled on the two pre-amps using the Remote app, but balance has to be tweaked individually for each channel – a bit of a pain…

I can see I’m going to have to do a lot of reading up on Audio Units!!!

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