Imported songs don't always show metadata

I use Origin on Windows. I have a folder where I keep copies of music files. Audirvana is pointed to that folder and most song files are fine and show metadata. Some songs I download and songs from iTunes will copy to the folder but not include the metadata.
Any ideas on fixing this? There are about 625 song files in the folder.

Latest Audirvana and windows 11. Clean system.

Check those files if they actually contain any metadata.
You can use MP3Tag on Windows or Yate on macOS

Hi @ejames, you can edit the metadata of those tracks using the metadata editor of Audirvāna Origin or using a metadata editor like MusicBrainz which is available for free.

Here is how to do it in Audirvāna Origin:


Thanks for the advice. Most of the song files I’m having trouble with are from i Tunes. I checked and they have metadata. Some of these files are AAC but many are other formats
I imported into iTunes.
When I place a copy of these particular files in the Audirvana folder only the title of the song appears. Other files handled the same way appear fine. And not just iTunes is involved. Other downloaded files have been affected as well.
I hate to have to recreate the metadata for so many files.
Thanks for any insight you have.

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I understand you and am sorry for this, the problem is that iTunes stores the covers in its proprietary database, instead of recording them in the audio file metadata as it should be according to current standards.