Imposible login

I’ve pay Audirvana studio and it is imposible to activate my account it is a very bad service and very dificult to communicate with you.

can somebody help me??

best regards.

I would like to know the details of what step you are stuck in.
Therefore unable to activate the account.

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Perhaps try uninstalling Studio from your PC/Mac.

Then do a fresh download and install and try your log-in details again.

Good luck.

Communication with Audirvana is easy. Send a mail to:


@AndyLubke is a good choice :wink: :+1:


@alvaro , @Antoine is usually directly available mid morning Paris time, no guarantee but if you are able to be available he will likely get it sorted for you quickly I’m sure.

@AndyLubke is also absolutely correct that you should send him a note as well especially if you are not able to be on the forum tomorrow.

Hi @alvaro

It’s probably just a hicup… thousands of people are using Audirvana very successfully and easily. If you contact t you will get a response.


Shut e everything down.
Loginin to the Audirvana site again and see if you can login.



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I would recommend the following as a preliminary hope it’s helpful

If you are applying for the first time The default password will be sent to your email. Use your email address with the default password, login the first time and then change the password.


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