Improvements on album listing

I got qobuz here and someting bothering me. For example when I add some artist like Ane Brun to My Music. Then I also selected just her main albums, because on her page there is around 70 CDs. When I open the artist should be a tab called “Selected” or so, because everytime I need to search the album inside this huge list. It’s weird. Yes, I added the album on My Music too, but if I can’t remember the name of the album gets confused and need to search inside the huge list and so on… Just an ideia. I think that the same thing would happen using Tidal or HRA.

And an error that I saw right now is when I’m playing an album and below the tracks there is the “Other albums from” tab and there it is some selected albums but most of times doesn’t show only the selected or all of them. It’s kind of random selection there? It’s a little weird ,I guess.

Hello @ledones ,

Maybe a section “Albums from My Music” would be more convenient?

Can you send a screenshot of when you have this issue and right before you click on the album?

Yeah. Something like that would be really helpful.

I don’t know if this is an error or just random suggestions from the artist, based on my main thoughts here to create an section like “Albums from My Music”.

The error I’m getting here are some albums showing as favorited but I didn’t selected them. On this image above, only “How beauty…” and the first “It All Start…” that are selected as favorite. The others I didn’t select them.


Sometime is hard to explain something in english, so pardon.

It’s not random, it’s the same recommendation you will get in Qobuz app if you go on this album.

You are right, this is an error on our side we need to fix.

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Okay. Yeah, did’t saw that. Thanks. But waiting for the “Albums from My Music”. Would be outstanding.