In 3.5.5 TIDAL artists list bug?

I am very happy with the new tidal interface and I like the way it sounds! :smiley:
I can see my favorite Tidal artists now but only in time order. When I sort them alphabetically I only see a few of my favorite artists.

I am experiencing the same symptom. A bug fix or help will be appreciated!

How many favorite artists do you have in date added order, and in A-Z order ?

Hi Damien, 238 in chronological order and only 50 in alphabetical order.

The same problem, in the artist list in alphabetical order appear only 25 artists. In the reversed order from Z to A appear all artists!?

Release 3.5.10 fixed the problem, I can see all my favorite Tidal artists now in alphabetical order. Thank you Damien! :smiley: