In 3.5, Audio Unit Plugins Don't Appear in Dropdowns

For some reason, Audirvana no longer sees the audio unit plugins installed on my Mac. This wasn’t an issue during the first few betas, but seems to have recently appeared (I didn’t initially notice because the plugins still loaded for realtime control). The issue still exists after doing a full uninstall/reset via clean install. Anyone else encounter this?

Annnnnnd now they randomly work again. So maybe nevermind? Good times.

If this was the only problem of Audirvana 3.5 :frowning:
Preferences dropdown lists are a problem by itself too.
One above all, editing preferences on a relatively small screen (1366x768) is a PITA
Not to mention the preferences divided into two different layouts with two different icons in two very different positions
It took 5 minutes to figuring out that in order to edit DAC preferences I have to click an icon resembling a ¿Loudspeaker? on the left of the volume slider…
List of missing tools:

  • no Audio Units
  • no Audio Filter (apart polarity)
  • no fine tuning of your audio device (DAC)
  • a lot of other small things
    Audirvana 3.5 is a bad revamp with a bad User Interface and a bad User eXperience; it’s a step behind…
    Really disappointing.

@pixelwatt in my personal installation of Audirvana 3.5.4 I am not able to find any Audio Units panel so no way to use the Bob Perry Audio plugins I purchased in the past

PS of course I jumped back to Audirvana+ 3.2

Just click on the little arrow right of the selected audio device name in the device selection popup you raise by clicking on the loudspeaker icon.
And you’ll get the audio settings page.

Hi Damien,

Would it be possible to add an AU icon on the main page of 3.5 showing when AU’s are activated. Would be great.

Well that was a well kept secret.I spent weeks hoping that AU would appear in settings as it has done for many years. - Anything else to disclose- like why does an update cause my library of 4000+ albums to become 266 albums?

I know that I can delete the library v2 in finder and rebuild from the 3.2 library, but that seems rather clumsy doesn’t it?