In Studio, Use VST3 room EQ with UpNp output connection

Hi everyone
I am using Studio with KEF LS60s - with these speakers the only high quality connection available is UpNp, which works with no issues. I was hoping to apply acoustic room correction with REW and a VST3 plug in, however I have seen a statement on one of the videos that this is not possible with UpNp output. Can someone confirm or refute this please?

Hi @keithh,

It’s the real time feature of plugins that is not available over UPnP and hence, need to be disabled when playing over a UPnP device. You can setup your plugin without this setting and then the plugin will be applied in the audio flow even if you are using a UPnP device.

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I use the HangLoose Convolver for Room Correction FIR created with REW… Works great… Just can’t use the realtime interactive interface when connected via Upnp to the Lumin streamer… Not a big issue though… I just drag out a USB cable and connect directly to the DAC if I really ever need Realtime interactive capability…

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