Inability to load .ape into A+

Audirvana used to play .ape cue files without any problems from my computer hard drive and from external drives. A+ just closes whenever I try to load a cue file with or without the associated .ape file.

I have experienced some instances of this with cue+flac.

Is there a fix of some kind?

Also, Audirvana was pretty good in terms of backup information and there is very definitely a shortfall with A+. Am I missing something here or is there really no user manual to access.

As an addendum: I was referring to the latest (black) version of Audirvana, not A+. Then, lo and behold, I checked to see if there had been a recent update and there was. Now 3.5.46 is installed, I can load .ape files from the cue (well, at least one which didn’t load before). I shall check out more files and see if the pattern is consistent.

Meanwhile, I’d still like a user manual of some kind and, I dont’s knw about other users, but the present control system seems a bit more hit and miss than when we could control everything from Preferences.

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