Inconsistencies/Double entries in database

After installing AS (macOS) I read all the music files from my NAS and local computer. As a nerdy perfectionist, I corrected many missing artwork and inconsistency in naming of music files, artists, composers. As far as I can see in the preferences, Audirvana 3,5 and AS are both utilizing the same database file, why are there still discrepancies in the way both programs access and show in my opinion same databases content.

Many folders are read and listed incorrectly by 2 or 3 entries in the database with only one physical file on the NAS or computer

Can somebody shed some light on this issue?

AS and A3.5 don’t use the same database. Each has its own database.
With its analysis, AS collects data from MuscBrainz and that’s the reason why it displays different information than the one that you put in your tags.

Thank you for the quick explanation. Imho both programs look at the same database at the same location in the Library folder on my Mac. It still puzzles me why these “doubles” can occur in my database notwithstanding the way AS is registering local files.

They have separate databases, it’s certain.

For some reason, AS considers as being “Artists” all the names that are tagged in the “Artist” as well as in the “Composer”. That’s why the same albums are displayed many times under different artists.
You can remove these doubles by clicking on the Filter button, then selecting “Album artists” as the filter option.

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