Incorrect album art from Tidal


I don’t know how widespread this issue is, but if you search for artist Slash on Tidal and display all of his albums, you’ll get this:

The items circled are displaying the wrong album art. If you click either of them, it’ll show the correct art:

The split between albums and singles is also incorrect, as most of the items that show up under singles are actually full-length albums (they display correctly in Audirvana 3.5)

This appears to be a general issue. I searched for artist Alestorm as well and there are plenty of full-length albums categorized as singles.

On my local albums the images are coming from some internet search result.

Turn off internet to get the right ones. Alter meta data by one letter. Correct image appears.

I used to have the same issue on V1.0 of AS (i.e. albums and singles not showing correctly on Tidal) but V1.1 fixed it for me.

1.1 fixed it for me as well.