Incorrect display of Wav file property

I would like to understand what Audirvana uses to determine wav file properties.
I have a 16bit/44.1KHz wav file, the right Audirvana panel correctly says Type= WAVE 16bit / 44.1kHz Stereo, Duration 03:10 Bitrate 1411 kbps. Plays correctly

I imported the file into Audacity and exported as 16bit wave. Audirvana, for this file, displays Type= WAVE, Duration Bitrate. NOTE that the file type is generic wave, no duration or bitrate. Plays correctly
I checked the wav header with a hex editor, they are EXACTLY the same

I exported the first file using Audacity to 24bit and 32bit, Audirvana shows the correct information for type, duration and bitrate

The above are just examples, I have a number of wav files where Audirvana shows only type WAVE and no other information

Can someone please explain what Nirvana is looking for, to display the correct Type, Duration, Bitrate?

Hi BitPerfectAudio. Have you tried converting WAV to FLAC? I find FLAC has many advantages and I’ve never had issues of the nature you describe.

FLAC works, but I’d like to understand why some WAV have the issue, where the issue comes from.
I’d like a reply from some of the Audirvana engineers if possible, but it seems there is no way to contact them. So far I would rate Audirvana support = pretty bad