Incorrect format scrobbles after the update

Hi! First: thank you for the update 2.6.0 (20600) and Tidal MAX, such a great surprise.
But it seems that after the update of my mac app almost all scrobbled entries are in incorrect format. Also, “now scrobbling” track visible on the website does not match with track that is playing in Audirvana (it is showing previously played track instead of a new one) so it seems that there are more issues with scrobbling. I tried to disconnect and connect my account to Audirvana but without any luck.

Update: while the track is playing/scrobbling, the format is correct. But after the track is finished (and visible on the website with the timestamp “x minutes ago”), the format in the list is incorrect. No matter if the track was played from local library, or via Tidal integration.

Thanks for your help!

Hi @Vaso

We made a fix for this issue in the 2.6.1 version of Audirvāna Studio.

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You are just amazing! Thank you very much, everything is working now as expected :black_heart:

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When Audirvāna scrobbles the tracks it adds urlencode chars to the title/artist etc

Scrobbling from other applications is ok (Lms, Spotify).

Any idea how to fix this ?

Hi @biribenda,

Have you done the update to the 2.6.1 version of Audirvāna Studio?

I think it’s set to auto update but I will check tonight.
The only thing that is changed recently is that I upgraded to macOS Sonoma

Just updated to 2.6.1 and it looks OK now.

Very strange. My scrobbles from Audirvana on from 20th until 23rd November had this issue. Both for local and Tidal music. I am sure that Audirvana version was not changed during that time.

I’ll keep an eye on it …

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Long story short, Apple changed something in Xcode and introduced this issue with the 2.6 version of Audirvāna Studio. It was not in their release note so we had to dig in their documentation to find the root cause.

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