Indicate whether album is MQA or not

Hi @Antoine,

Quite often I see the same album twice. One is the MQA version. However, one can’t tell which it is. Could we please add this functionality to Audirvana? There are other places where it does show MQA, but several where it doesn’t.


This is Tidal:

Thanks Zane @Zkeller

I’d find this very useful too - the exact same applies for Qobuz HD bitrate albums.

That’s annoying indeed but you can listen and find out the MQA version. No? If you can’t tell the difference then who cares

Excellent point. Definitely a needed feature.

Obviously, he meant without having to listen to multiple versions of the same album.

Gave up on Tidal long time ago and moved to Qobuz. The only think I need from audirvana is the ability to short favourite albums by artists. I remember tidal having 5-6 different versions of the same album without highlighting the differences.

This is great point. On any kind of Mobile one cannot say which version is MQA. Only screens above 7"" show this info.

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