Information Suréchantillonage/upsampling

Bonjour, je suis choqué qu’on n’ait aucune (in)formation sur le réglage de l’échantillonage/up-sampling.
Ma question est double : A quoi correspond chaque ligne/ que faut-il remplir ?

Type de sur-échantillonage :
-puissance de 2
-par fréquence

Si je sélectionne Dsd alors on me propose
Fréquence cible Dsd :
-Dsd 64
-DSD 128

  • Dsd 256

Après il y a le choix de l’Algorithme : idem que dois-je sélectionner et pourquoi ?

Merci à vous.

There is a choice between a SoX and R8Brain resampling ‘module’. This has been integrated by Audirvana, but no in-house development.

If you Google the options you can find a lot. Many questions and answers can also be found on the Audirvana forum.

In brief. If you have no idea what the settings stand for, leave it disabled. There is no simple right vs wrong. Everything depends on content, hardware, personal preference.

If you have very specific questions, you can always ask them. If you describe your setup, there are probably fellow users who would like to provide you with advice to get started.

If you read up on the subject a little, the settings will speak for themselves. If this doesn’t interest you then I’d leave it and enjoy the music.:wink:

Hello Jacob !

I don’t know if you are an old man but you are a wise man ! Don’t need a scale…

Thanks ! :wink: :blush:

By the way, I don’t want to put you off upsampling. It is very interesting and educational process. But there isn’t really a shortcut to 100% success.

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Have you read the UPSAMPLING information guide in the configuration window?

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Non, je n’avais pas lu les informations !

Merci !

C’est beaucoup plus exploitable pour moi…

Have a nice week-end !

Bonjour @Yijing,

Il y a en effet peut d’information sur le sujet à part le guide dans le logiciel. Nous travaillons sur une video tutoriel sur le suréchantillonnage pour que tout le monde en sache plus sur le sujet.

There’s very little information on the subject apart from the guide in the software. We’re working on a video tutorial on upsampling so that everyone can learn more about the subject.

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