Initial bar or 2 of the first track always cutoff

Probably the wrong category.

Whenever I start playing a track by clicking play on the track the first bar or two of the track is cutoff. This doesn’t occur when the software proceeds to subsequent tracks.

Hello @dsjackso1, can you tell us a little bit more about your issue? Are you using your local library or streaming services? Are you connected with a USB to your DAC or by UPnP?


I am using my local library. I am connected to my dac via USB. Anytime I click play on a track the very beginning of the track seems to be missing a beat or two. It is a minor annoyance. If I let the file continue to play beyond the track I played the problem does not recur on the subsequent tracks. Only the track on which I use the play button.


It sounds like your DAC is taking some time to start playing. Do you upsample or use plugins in Audirvana? Does this happen with all types of files and resolutions?

It does the same with all formats and resolutions. I am using an ifi black label micro idsd dac.

My PC is a few years old version of an i5 quad core processor with Windows 10. It is dedicated as a music server. It runs fidelizer pro, Audirvana, and Splashtop Server so I can control it from my laptop. I have 4mb of ram and am considering increasing the memory.

We do recommend 8 Gb of RAM to use properly Audirvana and since you are using other software at the same time as Audirvana you probably running out of usable memory.