Initial set-up issues

Hi - I Just a couple of questions about my initial set-up. For now, just listening to my FLAC downloads, mostly hi—res (e.g. 24/96; 24/192), some lower. I’m using a Windows 10 PC via USB into the Essence HDACC II-4k.

  1. On “Device” setting, I was shown a basic choice between WASAPI and ASIO. Under WASAPI, I chose xCore USB (rather than Realtek), mainly because it had “USB” in the name. For all of the sub-settings, I left them in their default positions. Sound is good, but I just wanted to make sure I did this correctly?

  2. For upsampling, I selected Power of 2 (2x, 4x). Again, I left all subsettings at their default positions. Also, I disabled upsampling on the DAC unit itself (it has a basic capability up to 32/384). Is this all correct?

  3. Songs are cutting off before they are finished. Total running times look correct at bottom of screen, but certain songs cut out before finished and the player skips to the next song. How can I fix this? Thanks

Try turning off upsampling

RHS - That worked, thanks! Also, I reactivated upsampling on my DAC unit and it still functions normally - songs are playing in their entirety. So I guess I have to stick to the DAC unit for upsampling.