Install Audirvana server on a QNAP NAS

Hi there
I am a Roon user but I am greatly interested in Audirvana because of its DLNA capabilities as I have some devices which are not Roon Ready but I need to feed them with HiRes music.
Is it possible to install Audirvana server on a QNAP NAS?
I have a Marantz ND8006 which is DLNA, has anyone tested this device compatibility with Audirvana?
Thanks for your help

Don’t know anything about Marantz ND8006 but Audirvana can only be installed on macOS or Windows 10

Thank you
That’s what I saw on Audirvana page
But is there a plan to make Audirvana runs on a NAS. It is obvious that this would make things easier, right? Not being contrained to a running PC to listen to music…

I’m just an happy macOS user … but could be a nice idea, as it would be nice to have Audirvana installed on Linux

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There are lots of dlna media server options out there that run on nas boxes.
I personally use Synology and use both the built in media server as well as Linn.

Linn works really well and also available for qnap.

See Kazoo server on this page.

On and I use this with 4 different Marantz network players that support DLNA. They act as dlna renderers in this case.

Audirvana works ok as a dlna server and control point when running on my macs and playing flac files. Also works on 3 older players with dsf files except on my new PM7000N. That’s why I prefer Linn for this device as it has no problems with dsf.

Thank you!
In fact I am a user of Bubbleupnp server which allows to create OpenHome renderers from DLNA renderers. Works nice but a little bit buggy sometimes - control points often disconnect
I will give to Linn Kazoo to see how it works
As for the control point, I use the Lumin app which is better IMO than Linn Kazoo or Linn

Hi VoyagerDude
I installed Kazoo server on my QNAP but it can see any room. It says no room available. How did you manage to see your MARANTZs? Did you do something to make them OpenHome?

Or maybe you are only using Kazoo server as a DLNA server and you use Heos app to navigate your music and play it on your Marantz?

Yeah I also use bubble upnp server on the synology to create open home renderers our of the marantz dlna renderers. This way they show up in the Linn iOS and macOS apps.

Browsing the Kazoo server from the HEOS app works as well. Just not as pretty.

Okay I understood now! You can see your Marantz in the Linn app ONLY if you enable it as an OpenHome renderer then which is what I thought

But maybe I can suggest you better tools:

  • for the server, IMO no need for Kazoo Server, just use Minimserver - it is very lightweight and highly customizable
  • for the Control Point, try Lumin app - Kazoo/Linn don’t let you browse into Qobuz genres which is a red flag for me - and I think Lumin app is really more efficient


Yeah I kinda like the Kazoo server for the way it presents my library within the Linn app.

I did try Lumin before but found it a bit more clunky. Not that Linn is 100% reliable but it’s good enough for my needs.

I also tried Minim and Twonky and some others but found various issues that were annoying or not working.

Good point about Qobuz genres.

Dear skbe, dear all,

I have the same question as skbe, besides, I would like to be able to run Audirvana on my Synology. Thus, does anyone of you know of official plans to make a NAS Version of Audirvana available? I am asking for the verysame and simple reason: I would not need to switch on my Macbook when I would like to listen to music as my NAS is running 24/7 anyhow.

I approached Audirvana directly but was asked to pose my question in this forum.

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You can do that using MinimServer for free. You just need a control app on the phone or a computer.

Thank you bitracer but it is more complicated than that

We don’t want only a dlna server

We want a server installed on a nas that can do 1- local playing media (like minim) 2- tidal streaming 3- Qobuz streaming (1 and 2 and 3 are performed by Roon for example) and 4- we need that server to play via dlna renderers (not performed by Roon)

We need a server that can do 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 directly running from a nas (5)

Audirvana does not do 5

Minim can do 1 and 4. For streaming Tidal/Qobuz just get a streamer that can do that. It can be anything from Volumio running on RPi to a full blown streamer.

No need for these apps if they cannot run in the same app. I repeat

We need ONE app that
1- play local media on nas (minim, roon, audirvana, many others)
2- play Qobuz and tidal (Roon, audirvana, many others)
3- play all these sources into dlna devices and not only Openhome (audirvana, maybe some others that do not fulfill 1 and 2 and 3 and 4)
4- be running on a nas (roon, minim and some others that do not fulfill 1 and 2 and 3 and 4

Roon is the best choice for now as it fulfills 1 and 2 and 4
Audirvana fulfills 1 and 2 and 3

So the question remains : is audirvana planned to be running on a qnap nas/synology nas?

If you use MinimServer then install on the same nas Bubbleupnpserver you can have everything, as Bubbleupnpserver give openhome compatibility to any dlna renderer and manage Qobuz and Tidal (not MQA) services. With an app like Lumin, kazoo, Linn you can manage everything from one single control point. And MinimServer can do upsampling too (not to dsd). And you can do multiroom too.

I know that is why I said not only openhome
Bubble is not 100% reliable
I would prefer audirvana on nas again