Installing Audirvāna on a SOtm-SMS200?

Will this work on a SoTM sms-200 neo?


You cannot install anything on the SOtM sms200 …

Thank you for the reply. I was hoping i could burn it onto my memory card. Ah well never mind back to the Streamer then, as Audirvana consistently crashes when using the SMS-200 Neo still and they never got round to fixing the bugs which is a shame.

Quite strange, I use a SOtM sms200 Neo too as UPNP endpoint and is works flawlessly and RoPieee configured as UPNP endpoint too.
Is your sms200 firmware up to date? Have you configured it in some specific way?

Yes everything is up to date. I know of several people that have the same issue with Audirvana crashing or freezing. (its one of the reasons i stopped using it) In my opinion and seems fairly obvious when reading this forum is that Audirvana is not stable and never has been. I was hoping I could somehow try this new app installed onto the sms somehow but it seems I cant. Looks like its back to Mconnect or Roon to play Qobuz for me. It works as a great endpoint for Mconnect and Room and any other way ive tried it. However is the same old story with Audirvana im affraid. Shame its never been stable

Just like to say, I have found Audirvana very stable, maybe one crash in quite a few years of use…

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Just like to say, I and many others find it very unstable. You only have to look through this site for evidence. Infact there are still things they never even fixed on the Original well before Studio. Like I say its a shame but you only have to come on here and see the same 5-10 guys on here from a few years ago still trying to get things working and plenty of other folk that visit the site with problems.

The fact that you get it to work ok is completely irrelevant to mine and other’s issues in all due respect.

Can we keep the conversation on Linux in this thread please? Thank you.


I see nothing wrong with what I have posted. I was asking about Linux but unfortunately a helpful member told me I cant load it onto my SoTM streamer which is Linux based via the memory card. Its a shame I cant because having been a previous subscriber to Studio and still have 3.5.51 which regularly crash.I was hoping this might be better. I dont know what the problem is? Other than me criticising Audrivana which Im fully entitled to.

The complaints bout Audirvana are better be spun off to another thread, please. I’d like to follow what’s happening with the Linux install and any deviation is just making that hard. Thanks for cooperation.


Écoutez moi je ne suis pas employé d’Audirvana le moins du monde, mais incendier les gens en espérant être aidé n’est pas le moyen le plus productif de l’être à mon avis…


I agree completely with @PML and @jmtennapel here. Derailing a thread with your own non-constructive off-topic Audirvana 3.5 complaints/issues does not serve any purpose at all.

Also I fail to see what the joining date has to do with anything. Do you have more authority because you joined earlier than someone else? Really? If you want to rant, start your own rant-thread, but try to keep your posts here about the Beta Linux topic and stay factual and don’t get personal. Those are simple basic common-sense rules of politeness within any forum.

This topic is moved (by the moderator) to a new thread, so the whole discussion above is now out of context.


Good for you Andy. Does it give anyone else the authority to tell me what I can and cannot type. No.

I rest my case. Have a nice day.

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Have a Nice Day.

I agree.

Hi @ScottieA,

I understand your frustration of not being able to use Audirvāna the way you want. However, the issue with your SOTM may be fixed at some point, given we are in contact with SOTM :wink:

I hope to bring you some good news later this year, but communication on such a subject can take quite some time.

As other forum users pointed out, you can’t install anything on your device This can also change in the future, but I can’t guarantee it.

Thank you for your reply. I look forward to trying it in the future if it becomes available. I can still use my original Audirvana if need be just now and would certainly consider subscribing to Studio again if I could use it on the SoTM.

Many Thanks :slight_smile: