Intallation question

Hi, I´m looking at buying Audirvana Origin but first I wish to understand if it is possible, and how to set it up for my needs. Let me explain. I have a PC hooked up to a Devialet amplifier with USB connection. This PC is feeding the music to the amplifier. The music is situated on a harddrive hooked to another PC. Both PCs are connected via network. (I am using PLEX at the moment).

Is it possible to use the PC connected to the amplifier for browsing and to access the music from the second PC? How do I set this up?
Is it possible to access the music from other sources, like laptops in other rooms?
Is it possible to access the music remotely from another house or place?
Is it possible to use a laptop as remote and not a mobile?

This is how I am used to accessing my music although probably not with as high quality.
Thank you for your answers.
Best regards

it is free to try everything like buying before, so just install it and see, do some tests then come back if you have any problem…

If Audirvana is installed on the amplifier connected pc then yes
You need to share the first pc folders and define these shares in the library setup section of Audirvana. Plex mediaserver, like any other mediaserver, is not seen by Audirvana.

No for all unless you have a Mac M1 computer on which Audirvana Remote for iOS can run. I’ve heard that some Android emulators exist for Windows, you could try installing Audirvana Remote in those emulators an see if it works

Thank you for your kind reply