Integrate iOS 'Now Playing' on Lockscreen

I was wondering if it’d be technically possible to integrate the ‘Now Playing’ widget on the iOS lockscreen when using the Audirvana Remote app. Would make it easier and a lot faster to control playback and volume without having to open the app.

Très bonne idée, ça serait l’idéal.

And a widget for Android users would also be greatly appreciated!

I don’t think it’s possible. The iOS SDK only allows “now playing” if it really uses the iOS audio device in background mode.

Yes this would be a great feature. Right now I have to unlock, find the app and switch music. Having the remote available in the Lock Screen for iOS and iPadOS would be much quicker.

On Windows 10, when switching to slideshow display does not switch to full screen display like Apple Mac does, please resolve this issue. Thanks!

Agreed that would be a great feature.

It’s definitely possible to integrate. So far the only upnp control point app that implements this that I was able to find at least is Glider Music player.

From the docs it appears as it should be possible to populate the now playing widget independently from local playback. I’m not sure if background audio is a entitlement requirement yet.

Unfortunately there are things that can’t be implemented for the moment, you should take a look at this: