Integrated Mode

Why use Integrated Mode with Mac OS? How does improve the sound quality of the music?

Hi Randy, in the “old days” Audirvana had no library management functionality, then it was useful to use iTune for managing playlists, etc …
Today Audirvana has everything and it works beautifully so you should use the first sync method , just specify where your music is physically located and that’t it, it will all be available in the Audirvana user interface. (be aware that you might have some manual work to do with metadata …)

I only use Integrated Mode.

iTunes file management is far superior to Audirvana which, for my uses, is simply unusable. For example you can’t even sort by a particular column.

Audrivana doesn’t do multi room so I’m still using iTunes when I need that.

I have invested many years of time into my playlists in iTunes and these export to the djing software I use.

Using Audirvana in Integrated Mode means I get iTunes super charged with a new audio engine. Fantastic.

This, for me at least, is better than a fantastic audio engine with a barely usable user interface.

I do disable the iTunes volume and seek bar in preferences which apparently help the sound in this mode.


“For example you can’t even sort by a particular column” : not me, I do that on a regular basis with Audirvana

Perhaps I should qualify. You can sort the Library but not a playlist. You can’t even drag a song in a playlist to change its position.

Don’t get me wrong I am not looking to criticise Audirvana, I really love it. I also respect many of us use it differently and also understand, quite well, the technical challenges of getting the “easy” part, the user interface working in a similar way to Apple’s Music.

My philosophy is it’s possible to play to the strengths of both and with my system / ear suffer no degradation in enjoyment. In fact this use case is central to me using Audirvana that if Integrated Mode was removed I would have to find different software to use.

I have NO idea how to use this. Music integrated mode looks like some old cd-player, and the buttons have no functions? Dont remember how it turned into that from the normal set-up, and no way to see any function. When trying to re-download from the site it AUTOMATICALLY assumes I want to spend NEW money and buy AGAIN. This might be even dumber than the normal free-dumb of our millennium. Ir started by not working in norma mode and now it is all guess and push. I am truly disgusted

@Per_Veberg if you are still stuck you can toggle between Integrated and not using the Audivarna Menu at the top of the screen, just to the right of the Apple.

The UI is crazy, as you say looks like an old CD player, but hit play on something on iTunes and, bar a few small glitches, you get Audivarna’s amazing sound while still using iTunes for music management.