Integration of Tidal Radio function

Hi all,
Sorry if I missed it, but I haven’t seen anything in this section of the forum for the topic in subject. Feel free to tell me if I’m wrong.

I’ve read other posts about this in other sections, but I still don’t understand why the Radio function in Tidal is not available in Audirvana. I’m a new user (in trial at the moment) and I love this function in Tidal which allowed me to discover plenty of great artists based on the ones I already like.
This Radio feature is already integrated in other Apps such a MConnect or even Bubble DS, and I use it everyday. It is the main reason I suscribed to Tidal rather than Qobuz for instance.
I like all the rest in Audirvana for now (even if I’m currently experiencing a few technical hiccups, but Damien is working on it), but honestly I’m not sure I’ll buy it the licence just because I can’t use the Radio function in Tidal. Might sounds odd but that’s true.

Agreed! Would like to see this Tidal feature as well!

I did buy AA but I agree 100% I feel like just going back to Tidal and running it without AA because of that. It’s the best way to find new great artists…

This would be the additional to make audirvana perfect

And here we are. My trial time is up and even if I do like the sound, the interface and the features, I won’t buy just because Tidal is not fully integrated.
So the Radio function isn’t there, but I also noticed that the access to the section ‘My Mixes’ of Tidal is not accessible from the Remote. Really a shame that Audirvana lacks this, while plenty of other more complex features are included.
So I will keep going with Foobar as UPnP Renderer, together with Bubble or MConnect as remotes since they’re free but yet include all Tidal functions.
I just hope this gap will be filled in a close future.

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