Intelligent playlist: insufficient possibilities


I tried to replace iTunes by Audirvana. Unfortunately I had several problems with the playlist managment of Audirvana. I’m used to the playlist management of iTunes, wich works quite well IMHO:

Duplication of playlists is not available - thus creates a lot of work.

To create a intelligent playlist, the OR condition is not available. Example: A track, of which genre is either a OR b OR c.

Adding a new condition erases input of the last condition when not saved with return.
Adding a new condition should save the last input and then jump to the new created condition input field and activate it.

Changing the condition without having saved the input, erases the input.

The input field is not responsiv to activating the field by mouse in the hole area.

The conditions in german are not sorted alphabetically.

Changing the name of an intelligent playlist is not possible in the dialogue, only in the sidebar.

Intelligent playlists are not marked differently to normal playlists in the sidebar.

Thank you for your ongoing work.

Hello @o99, thank you for your feedback regarding intelligent playlist. We forwarded it to our development team to improve this feature.

Hello @Antoine: When will this be implemented in A?

Hello @o99,

We have a lot of things to implement in Audirvana so I can’t tell you when it will be implemented, sorry.

Hi @Antoine,
I would love to have a more intelligent “Intelligent Playlist” as well. Especially an “OR” would be highly appreciated :slight_smile:
Thank you and kind regards

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