Interaction with MEqualizer Audio Units Plug-In

I installed this plugin:


Effects plugins ACTIVE in offline mode with new macOS API
	AU plugin #0: Music Effect - MeldaProduction MEqualizer ()
	AU plugin #1: None
	AU plugin #2: None
	AU plugin #3: None

I’m relying on the members of this group to save me from myself: I’m trying not to fall down the equalizer rabbit hole. I’ve boosted the bass and I’m happy with the result. But I can’t help feeling there’s a better result out there. As Paul Simon says:

The thought that life could be better
Is woven indelibly
Into our hearts and our brains

Here’s what I would like to know: if I set Exclusive Access on my DAC to off, can I mess with the equalizer settings while music is playing and hear instant results?

It is not about ‘Exclusive access’ but about Real-time. This is just below the plug-in setting. Real-time is not possible with DSD or UPnP. Realtime must be enabled and then the plug-in will open when starting a track.

Thanks, @Jacob. Works exactly as you said. I can kiss goodbye to hours out of my life.


Then you shouldn’t just try 1 plug-in. Multiple brands and types. And don’t forget the effects of resampling after using the EQ. Placing the speakers in the room in relation to the walls also makes a big difference. And the cabling and……… Very happy holidays. Enjoy the music.

Room EQ Wizard + usb microphone by Dayton Audio or MiniDSP… What good is a can of worms if you don’t open it…

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I want to thank everyone who pushed me towards the endless experimentation rabbit hole. I’m sorry to let you down, but I have to admit that I am now happy with the sound I’ve got. Here’s what I ended up doing in MEqualizer. The bass has more presence, which is what I was looking for, but doesn’t sound boomy. I paid Melda Production $26 for their plug-in package: satisfied customer and all that. Happy Holidays.


Nice! I got the same license recently during their sale, and it’s well worth it for simple adjustments. I don’t need more than what it offers. :slight_smile:

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