Interface and Library, including Playlists

Very honestly, and as much as I’m a long time Audirvana User - and lover ( Sound Quality prevail ), I never lost so much time in my life (and I’m a UX Designer, normally) trying to understand AS ways.

  • Try to make a selection from your Albums Library. That works.
  • Then try to make a playlist from it. With the same criteria. Impossible.
  • Ok. I will create a Smart Playlist then, with the same criteria. OMG. Half the results.
  • Ok I will add Rules, since I suspect that with “Smart” Playlists, case is important.
  • Nope. I still don’t get the results I got by just filtering my Local Albums.

Then you try to get a tutorial or some help, and you don’t get any.

In the meanwhile, AS is still “ANALYZING” my files FOREVER, slowing everything down, making the UI unresponsive ( spinning spinning spinning ). I suspect it’s only for Qobuz or Tidal Subscribers, for Marketing Reasons - which I understand, but I’m not interested.

Then I try, with Yate, to get rid of a few duplicates in my library, and resync.

“Go to Hell”, AS says, my changes don’t reflect. I have to erase completely my SQL and rebuild it from scratch to get a “normal” view of my files.

In the meanwhile, I have to back up my playlists and restore, then reorganize, because the hierarchy ( folders, etc,) didn’t follow, obviously.

Honestly? I can’t call that bugs, but huge flaws. It’s a disrespect for AS users. Reading the forums, all of what I wrote is well known. Not in the roadmap, I suppose: Our priorities go to our arrangements with our Streaming Partners.

Mais moi je m’en tape, de ça, Damien. Je suis un supporter de long date - depuis le début on va dire, mais ça va trop loin ces frustrations.

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Well said.
It is high time AS focussed on getting the basics right rather than inflicting upon us that never-ending chase for the next swanky feature, itself source of many new niggles.
I wish the Audirvana team a wiser year 2022.

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Since you are filtering your albums, you are saying using the filters in a smart playlist do not get you the same result as the filters you put in your local library? Can you send a screenshot of your filters in the local library and the result you get and the same thing in a smart playlist?

How many album have you synchronized with Audirvāna Studio?

Do you mean when you restored your playlist from a backup, the folder where not at the right place? Can you send a screenshot of this?

Our focus is not on streaming partners, it’s fixing and adding more features in Audirvāna Studio in general. Saying that we are focus on only one part of Audirvāna Studio is not true at all.

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