iOS app very buggy

Does anybody know if there will be a new update for the iOS app for the iPhone. It is so incredibly buggy. A lot of freezes request errors and disconnections. Also, I’m not referring to the update that came out in early 2024.

I wish the next update will also add cache for covers somewhere on my iPhone…
takes 10gb of data if needed… we have plenty!

Album covers or not even cached in the same session you opened the remote…
Scroll your albums cover down… page to page down to page down on your phone,
then, just go up to beginning, still loading what you just waited to see before, Arf!!!

When i playing songs, like at a party and using add to queue, but you have to search what you want… 4500 albums… loading covers, loading covers, loading artists… can’t understand anyone having fun with the new remote, slow, slow, slow…

i still use 3.5 remote for that purpose, new remote is way to slow (3.5 was a pain also, but still better then new one). I never understand why we had to go back with new emote instead of going forward ??

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Perhaps improving the user interface causes the sound quality to degrade. I’ve heard this theory before. :wink:


Maybe you should post a .pdf document that show us that, before we could trust you… but lowering the memory buffer could help in this case :slight_smile:

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